standing commitee

The Standing Committee consists of three clergy members and three lay members and is chaired by The Bishop.

The Bishop may also make an annual appointment of one clergy and one lay person to serve on Standing Committee.


The Rev. Jim Ferguson

(Morgantown, PA) 

Bishop's Apointee 2018-2019

The Venerable Samuel Orimogunje (St. Stephen's Anglican Church | Queens Village, NY) 

Term concludes 2019

The Rev. Canon Jay Cayangyang (Bishop Seabury Anglican Church | Gales Ferry, CT) 

Term concludes 2020

The Rev. Caleb Evans

(Church of the Holy Trinity | Syracuse, NY) 

Term concludes 2021


Mr. Rich Gabrielson

(St. Andrews | Endicott, NY)

Bishop's appointee 2018-2019

Dr. M. Joseph Nosiri

(All Saints' Anglican Church | Lanham, MD)

Term concludes 2019

Mrs. Janet Eyberg

(Church of the Holy Spirit | Tulsa, OK)

Term concludes 2020

Mr. Jeff Marshall

(Glory to God Anglican Church | Cocoa, FL)

Term concludes 2021